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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 4
Written by Gîscă Eugen Dan

Lameness is considered one of the most important aspects of the animal health besides breeding problems and mastitis. This evaluation is based probably partially on the incidence of this clinical sign and the economical importance of accidental diseases. In another sense lameness could have even a greater importance. Well established control protocols can be implemented regarding both mastitis and breeding problems, but not in the case of bovine lameness problems where such protocols need specification depending on the numerous factors such as raising conditions, forage management, the capacity of farmers to understand that high production is achieved with the price of functional efficiency of the animals. In addition to the multitude of risk factors we have the permanent evolution of nutrition practice and management systems. The latter serve the best interest of man rather than cow comfort. On the farm where the study has been developed cow lameness was around 20%, the conditions that generated lameness were the following: 5% sole ulcer, 5% heel erosion, 4% necrobacilosis, 2% interdigital dermatitis, 3% interdigital phlegmon, 1% claw deformity. The high percentage of lame cows suggest the presence of subclinical laminitis in the herd, and it is advisable to note these conditions in special records, and develop a more extensive investigation, including monitoring the nutrition management.(1) Other painful conditions such as renal colic or abomasum dysplasia are not as frequent as lameness.

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