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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 2
Written by Anca ȘEICARU

The paper presents the thoracic limb skeleton of the coypu as compared to the rabbit. The scapular girdle is represented by the scapula and the clavicle, bones that are well developed in this species. The acromion is short and tuberous. The ratio between the infraspinous and supraspinous fossae is 2/1. The deltoid tuberosity of the humerus appears evident. Contrary to existing literature, which describes the absence of the supratrochlear foramen, we identified it in two of the three investigated corpses. Between the bones of the forearm a wide interosseous space is present. The thoracic basipodium is represented by 9 carpian bones because a central bone is interposed between the proximal row and the distal row. The following bones appear in the latero-medial line of the proximal row: pisiform, scaphoid, triquetral, lunate. The latero-medial line of the distal row contains the following bones: hamate, capitate, trapezoid and trapezium.

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