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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 3
Written by Rares Popa, Adrian Vasile, Constantin Lupescu

Units that produce, process, store, transport and / or distribute products of animal origin may carry out veterinary checked only after obtaining the veterinary authorization. Before entering the legal representative catering units required to obtain, where appropriate, the veterinary authorization, conditional authorization or authorization veterinary intra-community trade in food of animal origin from the Veterinary Direction and Food Safety. This unit gives authorization for the activities concerned only if the food business operator has demonstrated that the unit complies with the relevant requirements of Regulations (EC) no. 852/2004 and (EC) no. 853/2004 and other relevant requirements of food law. Establishments handling products of animal origin may perform activities only if they have been approved by the competent authority. After rectification of deficiencies, the legal representative of the unit applies for veterinary direction and food safety county reevaluation unit.

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