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Scientific Works, C Series, Veterinary Medicine, publishes papers, reviews, case reports on many veterinary medicine domains and its related subjects. It continues the tradition of publishing the volume “Yearbook of the Scientific Works of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest” appeared since 1955. Starting with 2008, all papers are published in English. Special issues of the journal have published the abstracts or full papers presented at scientific events hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest and by University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest.

Research areas covered are: anatomy, histology, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology, parasitology, infectious diseases, surgery, pharmacology, medical pathology, oncology, animal reproduction, animal production, welfare and management, food science, public health and veterinary education.

The scientific committee of the journal reviews the submitted contributions and decides the publishing of quality papers.



The publisher is not responsible for the opinions published in the Volume. They represent the authors’ point of view.
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