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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 3
Written by N. Dojană*, Iuliana Codreanu, Claudia Preda

Three groups of adult rabbits were fed for 35 days with high starch diet (high starch group, HSG), high protein diet (high protein group, HPG), or high fat diet (high fat group, HFG) compared with a control group (CG) fed with a specific diet. Then pancreatic juice was collected and measured in acute experiments, in two variants of secretion: basal and stimulated by secretin. Pancreatic juice samples were analyzed for protein content and amylase, trypsin and lipase activities. Basal values of juice flow showed no significant differences between any experimental fed group vs. CG (P>0.05). Secretin stimulated juice flows were increased in all the groups, but the increase was significant higher only in HSG vs. CG (P<0.05). Basal protein flows of experimental fed groups did not differ significantly vs. CG (P>0.05). In contrast, the stimulated protein output was significant higher in HSG vs. CG (P<0.05). Amylase activities were significant higher in HSG vs. CG, both in basal (144.3×103 and, respectively, 52.0×103 amylase units (AU), P<0.001) and in the stimulated pancreatic juice (422.0×103 and, respectively, 162.1×103 AU, P<0.001). Moreover, the activities of trypsin and lipase in HSG did not differ significantly vs. CG (P>0.05), nor for basal neither for stimulated juice. Trypsin activity (in nmols benzoylargynil- ethyl-ester decomposed / 10 min / kg b.w.) increased significantly in HPG vs. CG, both in basal (62.5 vs. 22.2, P<0.01) and in stimulated juices (166.0 vs. 31.5, P<0.001). On the other hand, amylase and lipase activities of HPG group were similar to those of CG. Basal lipase activity (in mequivalents of liberated oleic acid per mg protein per h, 37°C) was higher in HFG vs. CG (122.4 and 86.5, respectively). In the stimulated juice, lipase activity increased to 246.0 in HFG and 184.1 in CG, but no significant differences were found in HFG vs. CG nor for lipase neither for amylase and trypsin (P>0.05).

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