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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIII, Issue 2
Written by Anca ȘEICARU

The present study is performed on a number of 4 bodies of nutria. At this species, the azygos vein is placed on the right side, opening in cranial vena cava at the third intercostal space level, after intersecting from top to bottom the right side of the trachea and esophagus. At coypu, the vagal nerve is in direct contact with dorsolateral edge of the trachea. The parietal and visceral lymph nodes of the thoracic cavity were studied using the China 40% ink dye colouring method. The method used for highlight the lymph nodes was the stratigraphic and regional dissection, up to the limit of the visibility, and subsequently using the Nikon stereo microscope. The studied lymph centres are represented by the dorsal thoracal, ventral thoracal, mediastinal and bronchial lymph centers. No dorsal thoracic lymph centre was identifiable at the investigated animals. The left brhonchial lymph node has a smaller dimension compared to the right bronchial lymph node. The medial mediastinal lymph nodes are identifiable especially on the right side. There were no cranial mediastinal lypmh nodes found during the dissection. The caudal mediastinal lymph nodes were found macroscopical, but is but their presence is advisable to carry out histological examination certification. The present lymph nodes from the thoracic cavity are reduced by number. In the discussion framework it were highlighted the medial mediasnital lymph nodes on the right side. On the right side of the stern, at the level of the second rib, it is well represented the cranial sternal lymph node. This lymph node belongs to the ventral thoracal lymph node and it appears constant as presence.

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