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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 3
Written by Curcă Dumitru, Ioana Cristina Andronie, Viorel Andronie

The union of the young veterinary surgeons who decided to establish the Scientific Medical Society of Romania, at the Veterinary School of Bucharest. The “Statute of the Scientific Medical Society from Romania” drawn in the first meeting of 15 May 1871, were voted in the general assembly of August 14-16, 1871, chaired by Mauriciu Colben. The Scientific Medical Society didn’t have its own journal upon establishment. Therefore, in 1879, Alexandru Locusteanu, Mihai Măgureanu, Gheorghe Perşu and Panait Constantinescu, publish the Veterinary Surgeon. Succeeding to dismiss some difficulties, 33 veterinary surgeons met on 10-12 May 1882 in Bucharest for the First Congress of Veterinary Medicine, the first of this kind in Romania. The topics of the congress, set in 1881, included the following subjects: sanitary police, animal husbandry, public hygiene, pathology, miscellanea. Once the Society of Veterinary Medicine was relaunched, the Journal of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Husbandry, Hygiene and Rural Economy also appeared. It has been established in 1888 too, by I. Şt. Furtună, and had an Annex, the Bulletin of the Society of Veterinary Medicine. These meetings debated the important problems of the veterinary pathology confronting that period: the foot and mouth disease, of horses glanders, tuberculosis, the bovine gastro-entero-nephritis (babesiosis) etc. The Society existed until July 21, 1949, when, after this last meeting, it was discontinued abusively by the communist regime. Because the centenary of the Romanian Society of Veterinary Medicine was closing, a group of teaching staff from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest started in the spring of 1970, the activities necessary to resume the Romanian Society of Veterinary Medicine: it was re-established on May 15, 1971, 22 years after its discontinuation and one hundred years after its foundation.

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