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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 3
Written by Călin V., T. Petruţ

Batches of piglets reared in intensive system were nonspecific immunomodulated During the experiment, three blood samples, necessary for haematological determinations,have been performed. In group A, it was administrated a bacterial suspension (Corynebacterium parvum). Group B received Levamisol product (for veterinary use) and group C received vitamin E and Selenium, using Romselevit. Group D was used as a witness group, being submissed to vaccination only. Hemoglobin concentration in group A (modulated with Corynebacterium parvum), significantly increased after the second harvest compared to harvest I. The final collection showed a significant decrease in these concentrations, all distinctly significant compared to harvest II. In groups B, C, and D, hemoglobin concentrations showed an increase in statistical terms ,only at an intermediate collection (highly significant), then remained constant.In group A, modulated with Corynebacterium parvum, hematocrit increased significantly distinct from harvest I. The final collection showed a decrease in these levels, manifested statistically significant from the second harvest.In groups B and D, hematocrit increased statistically at the intermediate harvest (significant) The final harvest was similar to the intermediate concentrations. In group C there were changes in the sense that after a distinctly significant increase in hematocrit values ,it decreased at the intermediate harvest without any interest in statistical terms. The number of red blood cells showed a distinctly significant increase in group A,at the second collection compared to the first one ,the final harvest decrease being statistically significant.

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