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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVIII, Issue 1
Written by heorghița DUCA, Paul-Adrian BOR, Mariana RUSU, Carmen Dana ȘANDRU, Diana OLAH, Marina SPÎNU, Emöke PÁLL, Constantin CERBU, Adrian POTÂRNICHE, Aurel VASIU

Infectious bovine rhinotracheitis is a viral, endemic, specific bovine, goat and swine (genital) disease with acute evolution, clinically characterized by hyperthermia and respiratory involvement, inflammation of the anterior respiratory tract (rhinitis, tracheitis) or genital disorders (abortions, infertility, balanopostitis), often accompanied by conjunctivitis. This entity is globally spread and is considered to be one of the most costly diseases affecting bovine livestock, and can have major economic consequences by decreasing productivity (milk production, low yield on fattening, animal culling), high morbidity, lethality, which can reach 12% for youth, as well as by restrictions in trade between countries. The review examined the impact of the infection on health status of affected bovine and possibilities to control the disease based on general and specific measures.

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