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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVIII, Issue 1
Written by Cristin COMAN, Diana ANCUȚA, Teodoru SOARE

Toxicity tests are mandatory preclinical regulatory studies for the authorization of a medicinal product. The testing protocol include a complete analysis of the possible toxic action of the tested product. The most complex and defining analysis is post-mortem histological analysis. Depending on the place of action of the tested product and to avoid the interference of euthanasia methods with the results of analyzes, different euthanasia methods may be chosen. In a study of toxicity in rats for a substance with action on the nervous system, two methods of euthanasia were chosen, namely anesthetic overdose and euthanasia by decapitation with deep sedation of animals. Histological evaluation of the main organs revealed congestion in the analyzed organs regardless of the euthanasia method used in most animals. Diffuse hemorrhage, perivascular edema and pulmonary edema have also been observed. Lesions were identified in both test and control groups, male and female. Statistical analysis showed significant differences between the two methods, euthanasia by overdose of anesthetic producing more lesions than decapitation, the latter being considered more appropriate for this type of study.

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