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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVII, Issue 1
Written by Fabiola IONIȚĂ, Diana ANCUȚA, Cristin COMAN, Mario Darius CODREANU

The worldwide prevalence of obesity has risen dramatically in the last decades. Obesity is associated with multiple medical conditions that appear in metabolic syndrome such as: type II diabetes, increased blood pressure, high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. The aim of this study was represented by the evaluation of diet-induced obesity, with the purpose of creating an experimental mouse model for testing food supplements and medication used in this syndrome. One group of C57BL/6 mice received an in-house purified hypercaloric diet, the second group received a standardized obesity diet and the third group received a control diet for a period of 60 days. The following aspects were assessed during the experiment: food intake, body weight, hematologic and biochemical parameters. On the final day, organ samples were collected (liver, kidneys and visceral adipose tissue) for necropsy and histopathologic examination. The obtained results showed that the administration of the in-house purified hypercaloric diet for a period of 60 days was optimal for installing obesity syndrome in mice. The use of unidirectional enriched diets presents an increased interest in current research for futher development of new therapeutic strategies in metabolic syndrome.

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