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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVII, Issue 1
Written by Stelian BARAITAREANU, Livia VIDU, Georgeta STEFAN, Bogdan MIHAI, Robert MIHAI, Ion Silver MILITARU, Dragos BIRTOIU, Viorel NASTASE, Marius Cristian CATANA, Tiberiu CONSTANTIN, Alexandru DUTULESCU, Stefan VRABIE, Ciprian Florin FURNARIS, Doina DANES, Gina FINTINERU

The Multi-actor Farm Health Teams (MAFHT) developed for dairy farms are teams that include farmers, veterinarians, and advisors covering complementary areas of interest in the field. The main objective of MAFHT is the design of the Multi-Actor Farm Health Plan (MAFHP) of actions by using the DISARM model. This model uses a participatory, farmer-led approach that was used previously in Denmark and the UK. This paper aimed to describe the particularities of MAFHP’s in five Romanian dairy farms designed to improve animal health and to reduce the need for antibiotic treatment. Farmers usually face management and/or health problems in correlation with the age category and physiological condition. The most common calf diseases were respiratory and enteric, but these problems did not create severe outbreaks of disease. Large dairy farms are more common with hoof disorders while small dairy farms are more exposed to udder diseases. All teams demonstrated their ability to identify farm practices to reduce bacterial disease and the need to use antibiotics.

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