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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVI, Issue 1
Written by Diana Mihaela ALEXANDRU, Ionuț Răzvan DOBRE, Maria CRIVINEANU

Canine osteosarcoma is an agressive tumour that has both a locally invasive and highly metastatic biologic behavior. Osteosarcoma is the most important primary bone tumour in dogs, being the most common. Usually, it's occurrence is in the appendicular skeleton and the most frequently involved are large and giant breeds, being the cancer of elderly, large dogs. The aim of this case report is to describe the diagnostic methods, the therapeutic targets and the evolution of a canine osteosarcoma. This case highlights that the diagnosis is made by corroborating the results of the blood tests, the imaging methods (radiographs, CT scans) and the cytological evaluation. Multimodal therapy should be considerd to provide patients with maximum survival time and to improve the quality of life. The therapeutic management for a canine osteosarcoma case should include surgery, adjuvant chemotherapy and palliative care. Despite these therapies, the prognosis is, for the most part, negative with a great metastatic occurrence, mostly to the lungs. This report is an example of how diagnostics and therapeutics can be used in the management of a canine appendicular osteosarcoma.

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