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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 2
Written by Dragos-Constantin COMAN, Emilia BALINT, Nicolae MANOLESCU

It is know that cellular immunity system has an overwhelming implication in pathology, therefore, if it has persistent stimulate, for a long period of time, the cellularity of it can undergo a marked changes, from the blast cells proliferation until the appearance of atypia and cellular monstrosity, thus foreshadowing the installation of the worst plague of our century, cancer. Thus, chronic lymph node hyperplasies represent an anatomo-clinical manifestations of the borderline between benign and malignant, both histologic and clinic, involving, in the same time, the lymphocytic and reticulo-histiocytic cell lines. This chronic hyperplasia status may have a short-term evolution, ending with healing, but, in the same time, it may have a multi-relapse, wich, if is not treated, it will became a true malignant lymphoma. Starting from these lesions, in this paper, we realised an epidemiological study, to the slaughtered animals from swine species, regarding the incidence of chronic lymph node hyperplasia, the precursor of malignant lymphoma, reported to the pathology and location of adenopathies.

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