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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Elena Camelia GAVRILĂ, Neculai PATRICHE, Marian BOGOESCU, Dorin SORA, Mădălina DOLTU, Maria CRIVINEANU

The aquaponic sistem is giving by concomitant aplication of hydroponia (plant culture without soil) and aquaculture (culture of fish). To set up a aquaponic system more stages are necessary. The environment for aquaponic sistem should be attently chosen to avoid pollution factors. Taking in consideration cold regime in our country aquaponic system was settled down inside of micro greenhouse belogs to Institute of Research and Development for Processing and Marketing of Horticultural Products Bucharest. Fishponds were building using 0.8 mm OSB panel covered with polyethylene wrap. Water physico- chemical analyzes was performed as following: temperature, oxygen dissolved (DO), nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. The studies performed showed the maintenance of aquaponic system.

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