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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Cornel IGNA, Roxana DASCALU, Bogdan SICOE, Cristian ZAHA, Larisa SCHUSZLER

Scapular luxation is an uncommon cause of forelimb lameness in cats. Dorsal dislocation of the scapula occurs by trauma, having a result a tearing of the muscular support for the scapula, the serratus ventralis, trapezius, and rhomboideus muscles. In this case report is presented the surgical management of dorsal scapula luxation in one adult cat. Dorso-caudal scapula approach (dissection of the infraspinatus muscle) was performed and a small portion of teres major muscle was elevated. Caudal scapular border was attached of the 5th rib with a cerclage wire and the torn edges of the trapezius and rhomboideus muscles were sutured. Postoperative pneumothorax was diagnosed and treated with thoracentesis and aspiration. Clinical outcome was considered good with resolution of lameness and normal scapular motion. Open reduction and internal fixation (scapulo-costal cerclage) represent one treatment option in dorsal scapular luxation in cats.

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