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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Rita GOLBAN

The scientific investigations revealed in this research present the study in dynamics of blood immunological indices characteristic to non-specific resistance at the neonatal calves in different age periods. In the study are presented the aspects of these immunological indices, regarding their correlation in determining the cellular and humoral immunity. Important data reveal the correlation of the concentration of lymphocytic, leukocyte indices, the phagocytic, lysozyme and bactericidal activity, which justifies the importance of nonspecific humoral resistance of the newborn organism, which denotes the assimilation of antibodies by colostrum during the neonatal period as a result of the installation of colostrum immunity. The initiation of these studies has demonstrated the importance of nonspecific or inborn immunity, constituting the first line of defense against pathogenic microbial agents at newborn animals.

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