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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIV, Issue 2
Written by Hasan ERTOP, Atilgan ATILGAN, Ali YUCEL, Burak SALTUK

In the livestock enterprises, the wastes which are produced after the production can be shown as a pollutant source when not properly managed. Wastes from livestock enterprises must be stored and managed properly. The use of renewable energy sources is increasing due to the reduction of fossil energy resources and the environmental pollution of these resources. Biogas energy production among renewable energy sources in the direction of developing technology and increasing population needs can be applied in areas where animal breeding facilities are carried out. In case of animal wastes reaching underground and surface water resources for biogas production, water pollution will occur. Therefore, the properly storage of wastes on animal barns and transfer to biogas plants may remove the potential negative effects on water resources. In cases where waste from livestock enterprises is not stored properly, these enterprises will be the source of pollutants for water resources. In study area, primarily livestock potential enterprises that will cause pollution problems to water resources have been determined. Potential biogas quantities to be generated from these facilities have been calculated and the potential contributions of livestock enterprises to energy costs have been investigated.

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