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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIV, Issue 2
Written by Anca ȘEICARU, Cristian BELU

This study was done on three bodies of adult coypu. The material was obtained by cleaning and macerating bones in 37°C water. Following the whitening process the bones were consequently cleaned under a water stream and left to dry. The cervical vertebrae generally have the spinous processes at a uniform height, oriented caudally for vertebrae III-V, dorsally for vertebra VI and cranially for vertebra VII. The body of the cervical vertebrae is short and flattened dorso-ventrally; the cranial and caudal terminal facets are plane. The ventral vertebral crest is absent. The transverse processes are the same length, slightly more developed at vertebra VII. The transverse foramen is present, wide in diameter, being replaced at vertebra VII by a vertebral incisura. The atlas has rounded transverse processes, oriented dorsally. The transverse foramen is located on the caudal edge of the atlas wing. The lateral vertebral foramen and the alar foramen are joined through a thick alar notch. The axis has a thick, developed spinous process that ends in a tuberosity. Its transverse processes slightly surpass the caudal terminal facet.

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