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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Lucian-Ionel ILIE

Foodstuffs of animal origin continues to record increased demand among consumers, compared to vegetable products, because they are characterized by a high biological value which is given by the rich content of most essential amino acids (Tăpăloagă, 2014). The development of metabolic processes, where foods are involved, must be done with respect for certain values for parameters that influence consumer health. The study presents some of the ingredients involved in making meat preparations and their medical importance, the values of some parameters that characterize their quality and safety while assessing the degree of consumption of these assortments of animal food. Sometimes, food quality characteristics are omitted by consumers either knowingly (when the cost price is the one that is the prime), or because of the way the product is presented which most of the time does not reflect the true reality, but the appearance, the smell, the taste or the way of packaging make it unremitting. Although, the values for the parameters determined by us, have been within the normal limits set by current legislation, the age of consumers (especially children) is worrying and also their weight in the daily diet, the two may adversely affect the health of these consumers later.

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