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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIV, Issue 1
Written by Florin Gheorghe STAN

The aim of this paper is to provide a detailed and comparative presentation of macroscopic anatomy of the pancreas, its topography and connection elements among the experimental animal species including rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rabbits. Using gross dissection, the pancreas and its connection elements were studied on 10 specimens of each species presented. The triangular form of the pancreas is a common anatomical pattern in rats, guinea pigs and chinchilla with different degrees of development of the three portions. Located reroperitoneally and in relation to the duodenum, spleen and stomach, the three portions are referred as the duodenal, splenic and gastric portion or lobes with the same names. In rabbits, however, the right lobe of the pancreas has a diffuse appearance, being located largely in the mesoduoden compared to the left lobe which has a better defined shape being located in the deep wall of the greater omentum. The pancreas relations in the experimental models studied are with the right lobe of the liver, the portal vein, the right kidney, the caudal cava vein, the aorta and the emergence of the celiac and mesenteric arteries, the profound wall of the large omentum, the stomach and the transverse colon.

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