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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIII, Issue 2
Written by Lucian-Ionel ILIE

The correlation between nutrition and the population health in the context of increasing the range of food products provided to the population, and quantifying their metabolic effects with frequent episodes of illness due to consumption of impropers food products, while have led to increase the population requirements for purchase of food with high food safety guarantees. Lately we remark from the consumers’ part, that they provide a greater degree of confidence to organic products, in the detriment of conventional food. It seems that the high incidence of cancers, the increasing resistance to germs at treatments and more aggressive forms of manifestation of certain diseases, it could be reduced to extinction in the case of using organic food. Food safety has as main objective to guarantee the lack of harmfulness, toxic character and those factors which could cause illness to the consumers. By promoting certain processing technologies, along with no use of pesticides and genetically modified organisms or banning prophylactic antibiotic administration and hormonal preparations as growth promoters, the organic farming can supply food products to high standards of food safety.

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