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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Cristin COMAN, Ene VLASE

The aim of this study was the preparation and determination of the main chemical parameters for 5 purified diets for laboratory mice and rats: 2 diet for maintaining and growth/breeding animal colonies and 3 diets for inducing metabolic disorders (atherosclerosis, diabetes type II and obesity). Diet recipes for maintenance and growth are the classic recipes and diets that induce metabolic syndromes attempts to replicate human food behaviour with unidirectional nutrition (excess cholesterol, excess fructose and excess fat). For all chemical parameters were established limits values necessary to achieve the aims pursued by manufacturing these diets. Diets were prepared in our laboratory. To all diets were made the following measurements for determining the gross chemical composition: protein, fat, fibres, ash, dry matter and cholesterol for atherosclerosis induced diet. It was also calculated gross energy. For comparison purposes, similar diets were purchased from a specialized company, diets that were analysed for the same chemical parameters in the same specialized laboratory. The results showed that the values of the analysed parameters were within the limits set by recipes and compared to acquired diets the values of most parameters are close to having a coefficient of variation lower than 10. The results allow the transition to the next phase of that study, respectively the administration of purified diets in mice and rats and in achieving the induction of metabolic syndromes.

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