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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIII, Issue 1
Written by Ruxandra COSTEA, Andra DEGAN, Ruxandra TUDOR

Crystalloids and colloids are first options for fluid resuscitation. Crystalloids expand extracellular volume, while colloids (synthetic and natural) exert a high oncotic pressure and expand volume by oncotic pressure. Many clinical studies advocate the use of crystalloids versus colloids. Greater fluid volumes are required to meet the same targets with crystalloids than with colloids, but there is a heterogenity among studies. Crystalloids’ effect may lead to extracellular fluid accumulation, increased gastrointestinal wall edema, pulmonary edema, especially in patients with cardiac or renal dysfunctions. While low dose colloids preserve hematocrit and coagulation, there is a risk of abnormal hemostasis if high doses of colloids are administered. This study presents researches results regarding crystalloids/colloids ratio for fluid resuscitation during anesthesia.

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