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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXII, Issue 1
Written by Anca ŞEICARU

The highlighting of the muscular lymph nodes in the pelvine limb was done by injecting the coloured substance intradermically. The coloured substance used was China Ink 40%, and the dose innoculated in the plantar pad was of approximately 0.1 ml. The injected solution locally formed an intradermic button. Injection purposes was to obtain a contrast between lymph nodes and lymph vessels (which retain or contain the coloured substance) compared with adjacent regions. After the animals were sacrificed, they were dissected by conventional methods . It was harvested the subiliac lymph node from the flank region, in order to identify their histological structure. By using the technique of innoculating coloured substance, highlighting ileofemoral lymph nodes, the popliteal lymph node, the superficial and profound inguinal lymph nodes and the subiliac lymph nodes was made possible. For the histological examination a Nikon AFX-DX, Labophot 2, with an automatic exposure photographing device, controlled computerisedly was used. In the subcapsulary sinus of the subiliac lymph node a numerous cell population can be noticed, represented by macrophagi and reticulary cells.

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