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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXII, Issue 1
Written by Florin STAN

Golden Jackal expansion in Romania is increasing, starting in the southern and south eastern regions to the central regions. This is based on the ability of this species to adapt to different areas and varied diets. In these circumstances, its ecological niche is very broad, favoring the spread. The detailed anatomical descriptions of this species are few, lacking a fair characterization. The aim of this paper is to describe the anatomical peculiarities of the mediastinum in order to compare with scientific reports related to domestic species. Seven specimens were examined. The thoracic cavity was elongated, the lungs and pleural cavities occupying the most part. The mediastinum was referred as a region with three divisions: cranial, middle and caudal. Due to the obvious delineation of its components, the middle mediastinnum was further subdivided in: ventral, middle and dorsal subregions. Due to the caudal position of the heart in the thoracic cavity, the cranial divisions of the mediastinum were large. The reflection of fibrous pericardium on the diaphragm and sternum formed the strong phreno-pericardial ligament and sterno-pericardial ligament. After a short path, the phreno-pericardial ligament followed a divergent path, each part being inserted at the junction of the aponevrotic with fleshy part of the diaphragm. The sterno-pericardial ligament was inserted on the entire dorsal aspect of the sternum, the most compact part connecting the heart apex to the xiphoid process. The results of this study are useful both to the comparative morphological and clinical studies. Based on our results, the differentiation of this specie could be achieved.

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