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Staphylococcal infections are common in small ruminants and are represented by localized infections of the skin, hooves and mammary gland. The pathological samples for bacteriological examination were taken from a total of 37 sheeps and goats with different lesions and the primary inseminations were made on agar with 5% sheep defibrinated blood. Biochemical properties were revealed by API Staph system. The isolates were tested against novobiocin and methicillin using the Kirby-Bauer method with biodiscs. 37 strains of staphylococci were isolated and included in S. aureus ssp. aureus species (32 strains) and in S. xylosus species (5 strains). 16 methicillin-resistant strains were identified that belong to those two staphylococci species, confirming thus the epidemiological circuit of these strains also in small ruminants.

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