Scientific Works Series C. Veterinary Medicine

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Currently, in Romania, retailing medicinal and other veterinary products is an important part of veterinarians’ activity. The study was conducted from March to September 2013 in 20 veterinary pharmacies in Bucharest. The analyzed issues were related to: location, size, connection to mandatory utilities, drugs regime, arrangement of medicinal products on the shelf, conditions of microclimate, holding the required documents, filing records, employed personnel. Of the 20 veterinary pharmacies analyzed, 15 were located at the basement of residential buildings and had separate access than the one of tenants, while the remaining 5 pharmacies were located in separate buildings. All veterinary pharmacies were connected to sewer, water and electricity, and 13 pharmacies were secured with anti-theft systems. None of the analyzed veterinary pharmacies had laboratory, which means that none of these pharmacies prepared medicines. Veterinary pharmacy’s warehouse was equipped with temperature and humidity insurance systems in 12 pharmacies. In 8 pharmacies, microclimate parameters were recorded in special registers. Veterinarians were employed in all studied pharmacies, while in 7 units the personnel includes also veterinary technicians. Lockers for the storage of substances included in Separanda and Venena lists were present in 16 pharmacies. The study of 20 veterinary pharmaceutical units in Bucharest showed that they largely respect the organizational conditions specified by law; however, there is a relatively small number of units fully complying with legislative requirements.

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