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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIX, Issue 1
Written by Sorina-Andreea MIHAI, Cristian BELU, Iulian DUMITRESCU, Bogdan GEORGESCU, Petronela- Mihaela ROȘU, Anca ȘEICARU, Gabriel PREDOI

Ruminants are characterized by the presence of four separate gastric compartments. The volumetric ratio between the proper stomach and the compartments preceding it is not the same throughout the life of the individual. At the early stage of a calf life, the proventriculus is reduced and is not involved in the digestive process. In the specialized literature, there are insufficient data on the distribution of vascular formations in early life and the following evolution of these structures. Our study aims to identify some characteristics of the branches of the celiac artery at an age when the only functional compartment is the abomasum. Following the dissection of the arteries, the classic distribution of some formations was found, but also specific elements: the poorly development of the reticular artery, the presence of a collateral from the left ruminal artery destined for the cardia and the presence of three hepatic branches. Surgery in young cattle requires a thorough knowledge of possible individual arterial variations.

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