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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIX, Issue 1
Written by Marian GHIȚĂ, Ana ROTARU, Carmen Daniela PETCU, Simona NICOLAE, Oana Diana MIHAI, Gabriel COTOR

The aim of the present research paper was to evaluate the main electrocardiogram parameters in goat. The electrocardiograms were performed on a batch of 20 Carpathian goats, using the Dubois lead system. By analysing the results obtained, we concluded that, using the Dubois lead system, the best method of performing the electrocardiogram in goats is using lead II, the amplitude values being 0.117 mV for the P wave, 0.310 mV for the ventricular complex and 0.386 mV for the T wave, while lead I is not suitable for the EKG exam in this species, due to the extremely low waves’ amplitude, resulting in an almost obscure recording. Regarding the duration of the electrocardiographic waves, the values obtained were 0.048±0.016 seconds for the P wave, 0.046±0.014 seconds for the QRS complex and 0.088±0.016 seconds for the T wave. As for the segments and intervals, the durations obtained were 0.062±0.020 seconds for the P-R segment, 0.246±0.014 seconds for the Q-T interval, 0.384±0.037 seconds for the P-T interval and 0.096±0.020 seconds for the T-P segment. The heart rate, electrographically calculated, was 128.5 bpm ± 12.215.

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