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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVIII, Issue 1
Written by Georgeta DINESCU, Andreea Loredana SAVANCEA

Swarming is the natural phenomenon that involves the reproduction of the bee species. The name swarm comes from one of the phases of the multiplication process that takes place in the form of a multitude of flying bees, with one or more queens and drones, forming in the air a globular shape, "swarm", on their way from the hive to the temporary or permanent destination. The study follows the importance of the favoring and the determining factors of Apis mellifera carpatica bees swarming, in order to develop good management strategies and describes the stages of the swarming phenomenon, from the preparation for swarming to leaving the hive. The main factors that led to the swarming of the four bee families were the overcrowding in the hive, the blockage of the hive with honey and pollen and the poor management of the apiary.

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