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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Madalina BELOUS

The aim of the research was to investigate the consumer awareness regarding Functional Foods, for a new approach regarding producers in Food Industry. Lately, the consumers are becoming more aware regarding a healthy nutrition, food quality, or food components that can bring a benefit for general health, either general wellbeing or either improving health for some particular diseases. On a particular note, it is generally recognized that calcium and probiotics (milk or dairy products) are interconnected with bone health or digestive health, or the fish rich in omega - 3 fatty acids will reduce risk of heart disease. The study was based on an exploratory research based on other literature and geographical data. The amount of scientific date presented in literature, offer substantial ideas regarding consumer awareness and certain foods and health, with new opportunities for food industry. The study could be a tool to investigate the potential opportunity of functional foods for manufactures in food industry. The study was an exploratory one based on international literature with no research based on Romanian market. Thus, local market is in accordance with European trends, markets and regulatory. The study is trying to create an overview regarding a potential production opportunity for food industry. This will require the collaboration of regulatory authorities, manufactures for food quality and food safety.

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