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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. 19 ISSUE 3
Written by Alina IURCUT, Aurel DAMIAN

Plasma rich in platelets (PRP) is a biological material that contains high levels of platelets, blood cells that are rich in growth factors involved in the initiation of the healing process. PRP can be used on a large number of lessions, including those induced on the skin. The efficiency of the product was tested on an experimental lot of rabbits of the same age, wheight and gender. Lesions consisting of incisions and excisions were induced on the skin of the rabbits of both a control and a test group, in the dorsal thoracic region. This sites were then subsequently treated with PRP every 7 days over a period of 4 weeks, in the test group only. The procedure was performed by perilesional inoculations with activated plasma, watching the comparative evolution of the healing process within the 2 groups: control and test. The results revealed an acceleration of the healing process in the tested group. Positive characteristics were noted regarding: retraction of the wound, the presence and thickness of the crust, peripheral erythema, hair regeneration and the visibility more or less pronounced of the scars. In this study we have found beneficial aspects after using platelet-rich plasma, consisting of an acceleration of the healing process and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, features that recommend its use in the skin lesions.

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