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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LX (1)
Written by Alina Maria IONESCU, Gheorghe Valentin ROMAN

The paper present the results of the research made in the years 2007-2009 regarding chemical composition and nutritional value of some oilseeds crops promoted in organic agriculture: safflower, camelina, oil pumpkin and oil flax. The biochemical compounds (glucides, proteins, lipids and minerals) have been analyzed by using the chemistry laboratory methods: for glucides, Bertrand Method; for proteins, Kjeldahl Method; for lipids, Soxhlet Method; for minerals, Spectrophotometer Method. In average, the chemical composition of these crops cultivated in Moara Domneasca Experimental Field was the following: for safflower – 12.60% proteins, 28.37% lipids, 46.41% glucides, 3.60% minerals, and the energetic value was 505.78 kcal; for camelina – 20.29% proteins, 31.68% lipids, 36.28% glucides, 4.29% minerals, while the energetic value was 526.63 kcal; for oil pumpkin – 29.50% proteins, 36.92% lipids, 18.50% glucides, 5.41% minerals, and the energetic value was 540.15 kcal; for oil flax - 22.56% proteins, 34.10% lipids, 27.73% glucides, 5.25% minerals, while the energetic value was 558.45 kcal. The study of the nutritional value of these oilseeds crops in organic agriculture conditions evidenced the very special role which should they occupy in the development of biodiversity, environmental protection and diversification of food.

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