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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LX (1)
Written by Mădălina BELOUS

Purpose: The potential of this study is to investigate issues regarding potential application of Lean six Sigma in Food Industry. The approach is based on a study case (10 Food Production Center, that already implements other quality techniques with commune parts with Lean Six Sigma). The paper explore in an analytical manner, the factors that can influence the implementing on the system in Food Industry with focus on the Quality Culture. Materials and Methods: The study is based on an exploratory method with a qualitative approach based on interviews with Managers. Other secondary data were collected through Audit Reports Analysis. Results and Discussions: The study could be a tool to investigate the potential application of Lean Six Sigma for Food Industry. Are some factors like Leadership, Organizational Culture, Training, Teamwork, Customer Satisfaction and Technical Systems, that can affect the implementation of Lean Six Sigma? Limitations: Food Production Centers explored in the study, does not applying Lean Six Sigma, but they are applying other quality techniques (ISO systems), that contains commune parts with the potential system. Also, the interviews were conduct with the top management level. Conclusions: The study is trying to create an overview regarding the potential application of Lean Six Sigma for Food Industry.

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