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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LX (1)
Written by Lia ION, Pip BOYDELL, Iuliana IONAȘCU, Alin BÎRTOIU

Primary bullous keratopathy is a pathological condition of the cornea characterized by bullae formation within the stroma, the primary cause being an endothelial dystrophy. Fluid accumulation results in progressive corneal oedema, that can affect vision. The condition will become painful when the epithelium is affected and ulceration develops. There are a variety of medical and surgical options to alleviate the pain and reduce the corneal oedema. This article reviews these treatment options, with some emphasis on thermokeratoplasty and the use of hyperosmotic solutions. Thermokeratoplasty is a surgical procedure that uses heat for shrinking the collagen of the corneal stroma, in this way preventing further fluid accumulation. Topical hyperosmotic preparations can be used as a symptomatic treatment for bullous keratopathy. They can decrease the extent of epithelial oedema and bullae formation,but do not decrease the stromal oedema. In this study, 5% sodium chloride in hylan protective eye drops was used for supportive treatment in bullous keratopathy in several dogs.

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