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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LX (1)
Written by Andra ENACHE, Pip BOYDELL, Iuliana IONAȘCU, Alexandru ȘONEA

Uveal cysts are fluid filled structures arised from the iris or ciliary body commonly presented in certain breeds such as Golden retriever, Labrador retriever and Boston terrier. This report describes the clinical signs, the laser technique and the postoperative aspect for a Flat Coated Retriever with iris cysts. A 6 year-old, neutered male Flat Coated Retriever was referred to the Animal Medical Centre with a history of two pigmented masses in the anterior chamber. Ophthalmic examination of the right eye showed the presence of two highly pigmented iris cysts attached at the pupillary margin to the posterior iris. Nonsteroidal eye drops (ketorol tromethamine) and a course of oral meloxicam were initiated a week before the procedure. Under general anaesthesia the diode laser was used with an indirect ophthalmoscope headset and a 20 diopter lens. Preoperative atropine and proxymetacaine eye drops were applied. Diode laser was used to deflate the cysts. Initial pigment dispersion in the anterior chamber and on the surface of the lens was noted. Topical nonsteroidal, steroidal and antibiotics (dexamethasone, polymyxin and neomycin) eye drops were continued to control the secondary uveitis. Clinical progress was monitored and there was minimal postoperative aqueous flare with no ocular discomfort. Diode laser is an effective treatment of highly pigmented iris cysts.

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