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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 4
Written by G.F. Tobă, A.T. Bogdan, M. Th. Paraschivescu, M.Cornilă, L. Ioniță , L.G. Tobă F.Bănățeanu

In Romania there are populations of endangered cattle as Grey Steppe breed and Pinzgau of Transylvania and Romanian Buffaloes number is a marked decline. An important role in preserving the "ex situ" is biotechnology breeding populations vulnerable to conserve animal genetic information but not breeding material: gametes usually stored sperm as semen coming from a single parent (haploid) and embryos with 2 parents (diploid) population structure that allows preservation by freezing. Material and method MOET program implementation (Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer) to 4 gray cattle breed cow, repeated ovarian stimulation with FSH and PMSG intervals: 55, 60, and 115 and 157 days, and at 2 Holstein Friesian cattle every: 52 and 87 days. Results Following these repeated treatments Grey Steppe breed cows resulted in 99 of the corpus luteum (11CL/DR) from or taken Embryonic Formations 69 (7.66 FE / DR), of which 40 were embryos transferred and of these, 27 were frozen and stored in liquid nitrogen at - 196 ° C. Following repeated application poliovulations FSH treatment every 52 to 87 days, 2 heifers HF, ovaries responded with a total of 31 CL 6.2-CL / DR to who prelevat12 FE and 2.4 FE / DR and 12 embryos were frozen blastocyst. FSH were poliovulations with a 4 cows and 6 Pinzgau of Transylvania Romanian buffaloes, a total of 10 female donors who have repeatedly poliovulations treatment, and the average number was the 8.4 CL / D, 1 CL lower than the average female with repeated poliovulations, the average number was 3.3 EFF EFF / D 3 also less than 6.7 EFF in the group of females with repeat poliovulations treatment. Conclusion We conclude that after several repeated hormone treatments poliovulations 6 embryo donor females found that health in general and particularly genital tract not suffer in comparison with the group of 10 females poliovulations once and morphology embryos was very good, allowing freezing and storage in gene banks

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