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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 4
Written by Carmen Negoiţă, Valentina Negoiţă

Aspergillosis is recognized as an opportunistic infection in human and animals often occuring in association with other chronic diseases (immunodeficiency, diabetes mellitus, long-term antibiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery, etc.). Over 95% of human aspergillosis are produced by A.fumigatus, A.flavus and A.niger commonly found in the environment. Primary cutaneous aspergillosis with A.flavus has been rarely reported in human, mainly in immunocompromised and diabetic patients after surgery. Aspergillus infections have been more less reported in cat than dog, with two clinical forms: nasal and systemic. Early detection and treatment are important factors in infection control. This paper illustrated a primary cutaneous aspergillosis of the tail in a spayed mixed-breed female cat, 10 years old, with no general symptoms. The samples prelevated from tail lesions were submitted to bacteriological, mycological and cytological investigation. The results demonstrated the infection with a strain of A.flavus. The case is still under investigation and represent a real therapeutic challenge for us considering the chronic infection and the age of patient.

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