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Published in Scientific Works. C Series. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LVIII ISSUE 4
Written by Iuliana Ionașcu, Georgeta Dinescu, Cucoș Cătălina Anca

Iris melanoma is a primary intraocular tumor with a high potential risc for metastasis, characterized by the presence of a single or a multiple hyperpigmentation focal areas, or diffuse hyperpigmentation of the anterior epithelium of the iris. This hyperpigmentation is due to an abnormal growth and proliferation of melanocytes. However, not any hyperpigmentation should be handled as a melanom, is required differential diagnosis with melanosis, iris nevi, iris cysts, iridal discoloration due to inflammation, or melanosis secondary to chronic inflammation process. Depending of the expanding and the size of the tumor, it may cause complications as glaucoma and uveitis. The enucleation, despite the metastasis risk, represents the only treatment option that can be considered.

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