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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIX, Issue 1
Written by Catalina Valeria GARBACEA, Emoke PALL, Mihai CENARIU, Ioan Ștefan GROZA

Maintaining proper asepsis and hygiene conditions in spaces intended for veterinary surgery remains a paramount for compliance with professional ethics. Moreover, environmental surfaces can contribute to the spread of cross-infections, and therefore constitute a likely transitory site for the accumulation of microorganisms. The aim of the current study was to evaluate, implement and measure the efficacy of a novel nebulization technique method for surface disinfection. The procedure was carried out in ten enclosed spaces used as surgery rooms within veterinary clinics. Disinfection was performed using Cube Atomizers, a nebulizer with a revolutionary spraying system, which transforms the biocide substance into microparticles that persist in the air for a long period of time, ensuring decontamination of the treated volume (air and all types of surfaces). Thus, using an approved biocide, the device ensured a successful disinfection of spaces, eliminating bacteria, and other biological pathogens. The microbiological tests were carried out before and after disinfection on different growth mediums (Agar for the total bacteria count, Chapmann for Staphylococcus, Holmes for Streptococcus, Levine for Gram-negative Cocci and Sabouraud for fungi). An increased efficiency of disinfection was observed, with a significant decrease in total bacteria count of almost 90-97% and the value of colony-forming units reaching 0 after nebulization in some cases; for Staphylococcus (Chapmann) there was a significant decrease, between 85-95%; for Streptococcus (Holmes) the decrease was almost 90-99%; for Gram-negative Cocci (Levine) the decrease was almost 92-99%; and for fungi (Sabouraud) the decrease was around 50%. The Cube Atomizers device is easy to use, can be fitted anywhere and guarantees safety for the user, environment, and all treated materials. Its revolutionary system ensures decomposition of the biocide into microparticles, leaving no residues.

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