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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVIII, Issue 1
Written by Oresti MIHELIS, Iulian DUMITRESCU, Cristian BELU, Gabriel PREDOI, Anca ȘEICARU, Petronela Mihaela ROŞU, Sorina-Andreea MIHAI, Theodora ȘTEFĂNESCU, Alexandru MANOLESCU

As it is known, taxonomy is one of the most dynamic aspects of biology. Ever since Antiquity, throughout the linnaen and post-linnaen period and until the new cladistics era, all branches of the phylogenetic tree were subject to plenty of modifications. The Equus genus was no exception, one of the most important evolutionary transformations being the reduction of the number of fingers in this genus, criterion considered crucial for correctly placing a species. Numerical reduction is also accompanied by a reorganisation of vascular and nervous trajectories. Based on autopodial parts of 10 individuals, this study aims to identify details and potentially individual variants which may complete existing literature data and which will represent additional arguments to the taxonomic classification of the species. The main objectives of this study were represented by the description of individual variants and clarifying of data regarding anatomical terminology, hoping that once achieved the results will aid veterinary research and practice.

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