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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVII, Issue 2
Written by Cristiana Adina SALGAU, Andrei Ovidiu TANASE, Anca MORAR

This paper aims to present a review of the causes, diagnostics, and effects of periimplantitis. To find relevant publications we used Google Scholar and PubMed as our databases and searched for articles from the years 2011- 2021. Initial search results returned over 16000 articles in Google Scholar and 619 articles in PubMed, so a series of filters and criteria were used to select 28 papers used in this review. We found that periimplantitis represents an inflammation that affects both the hard and soft tissue around an implant. The most common cause of the disease is the accumulation of dental plaque around the dental implant. Periimplantitis is diagnosed by the following clinic signs and symptoms: swelling of the tissue around the implant, bleeding of the gingiva upon probing, the presence of harmful types of pathogen bacteria and bone crestal resorption (determined by radiologic evaluation). Many studies covered in this review were conducted on animals, using ligatures around the neck of the inserted implants to induce periimplantitis. Observations made while studying periimplantitis in animal trials can serve as a model for preventing, diagnosing, and treating periimplantitis in humans.

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