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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVII, Issue 2
Written by Cornel IGNA, Cristian ZAHA

Sarcoids are reported as the most common tumour of the horse, localized of the skin, that do not metastasize and rarely regress spontaneously. Treatment described in veterinary literature includes surgical excision, cryotherapy, radio-therapy (low-dose-rate or high dose rate brachytherapy with iridium, strontium; external beam radiotherapy), chemo-therapy (topical, intralesional injection, electrochemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, drug-matrix implants), hyper-thermia, laser therapy, immunotherapy. The purpose of this reviewer study was to evaluate the success of various treatment methods. The information was collected from 75 scientific papers, published between of 1977-2020 and indexed in international databases (Google scholar, Web of Science - Clarivatics, Cabi). Treatments options depend by many variables, including sarcoid tumour type and location, aggressiveness of the tumour, clinical experience, client compliance, treatment costs, patient behaviour, and the availability of services, equipment, and facilities. Recent updates of the success of treatment and recurrence rate of tumour after different treatment methods are presented and discussed. Despite the many treatment options available for equine sarcoids, there is no way 100% effective in achieving healing.

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