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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXVII, Issue 2
Written by Cristian BELU, Iulian DUMITRESCU, Bogdan GEORGESCU, Petronela Mihaela ROȘU, Anca ȘEICARU, Ștefania Mariana RAITA, Theodora Raluca ȘTEFĂNESCU, Sorina Andreea MIHAI, Mădălina DOBRILĂ, Oresti MIHELIS, Gabriel PREDOI

Dogs are one of the most morphologically diverse species, as they can range from a 1kg Chihuahua to a 100kg English Mastiff. This morphological diversity affects the appendicular skeleton, leading to a raised incidence of pathologies regarding joints (osteoarthritis, arthrosis, elbow dysplasia). This study was done on 20 dog cadavers. The joints of the forelimb were described in detail. The main purpose was obtaining photographic images which can highlight elements that were previously not mentioned in specialty literature. Following the study, some unique aspects were evidenced such as: dimensions and positioning of glenohumeral ligaments, the topography of the collateral ligaments of the elbow joint and the importance of the proper ligaments of the antebrachial-carpal-metacarpal complex in the dynamic of the movements of this joint. We have compared photographs of the dissected specimens with each other as well as with previously existent sketches from different authors who have tackled the same subject in the past, and we have conclusively pointed out the elements which we considered useful to those interested in resolving pathologies of the locomotor apparatus in carnivores.

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