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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Carmen Daniela PETCU, Oana Diana OPREA, Laura STANCIU, Oana Mărgărita GHIMPEŢEANU

Bread is a product that occupies an important place in the basic nutrition of consumers, obtained by the total or partial baking of a dough properly grown, made from flour, water and yeast, with or without added salt. In order to analyze the impact of various types of bread on consumers, 30 samples of sliced white bread produced by different producers - 6 samples from each assortment - were studied. The following analyzes were carried out: determination of sodium chloride content, determination of protein content, verification of the nutritional values present on the label and sensory analysis of the samples included in the research. The studies have taken place in a factory laboratory and in the laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest. The sodium chloride content of the samples analyzed falls within the values indicated on the label and the protein content showed values within the declared production limits on the product labels. At the same time, a questionnaire was applied to 207 subjects aged between 21 and over 60 years. The purpose of this questionnaire was to obtain information from consumers about their preferences regarding bread consumption and the appreciation of the correspondence between what is written on the label and what is found in the bread. Analyzing the results, it is found that most people prefer to eat bread with both hot food and sandwiches, while others do not eat bread at all. Buyers put more emphasis on the freshness of the product, to the detriment of the ingredients used in manufacturing. As a result of the study conducted between 2017-2018, conclusions could be drawn on consumer’s preferences regarding bread consumption and the price-quality balance of purchased products.

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