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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXV, Issue 1
Written by Diana Oana OPREA, Carmen Daniela PETCU, Emilia CIOBOTARU-PÎRVU

Featured by the so-called “nutritional value” and being highly beneficial for the young mammals, the milk is an important alimentary component. Milk and dairy products undergo a large number of analyzes, aiming to establish chemical composition, assessing of nutritional value, identifying falsifications, and adhering to manufacturing prescriptions. Through analyzes changes due to non-compliance with hygiene rules during milking or transport, can be identified and highlighted. The quality of raw milk is crucial in order to obtain dairy products that meet the applicable legal requirements. Standard laboratory analyzes have been used in this study in order to assess physical and chemical parameters of raw milk, such as: density, acidity, fat content, protein and dry matter. A total of 201 samples, consisting of milk samples for consumption and acidic dairy products, harvested from a processing plant from the south of the country were analyzed. Laboratory analyzes were carried out to identify the quality of raw milk and any differences in the nutritional values of the acidic dairy products. The results proved that parameters taken into consideration (fat, density, acidity) were within the admitted limits for all analyzed products. The density of the milk falls within the limits of the assortment, with values ranging between 1,028 g/cm3 and 1,030 g/cm3. Acidity is within admissible parameters, with an average of 15.06oT for drinking milk, 84.75oT for yogurt, 82.76oT for sour-batter milk and an average of 67.60oT for sour cream. As a technological particular step of obtaining dairy products, the high pasteurization method is used in the study unit, which guarantees a longer shelf-life. In conclusion, the products under study were within the admissibility parameters set by the manufacturing unit in accordance with the legal provisions.

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