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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXIV, Issue 2
Written by Raluca Mihaela TURBATU, Cristina FERNOAGA, Nicolae TUDOR, Constantin VLAGIOIU

This review paper aimed to gather together the most relevant findings concerning the neurological examination and the localization of the lesion in the central nervous system. Clinical signs are specific depending on the regions of the brain involved (forebrain, brain stem, cerebellum or vestibular apparatus). In order to obtain and correlate these signs to a certain localization of the lesion, it is necessary that some steps be strictly followed when examining the animal. The first step is to obtain the full medical history of the patient by discussing with the owner. The physician must then perform the physical examination, followed by a complete and correct neurological examination. Neurological signs can be associated to a certain region of the brain. The mental status is evaluated first, followed by the behavior and the way the animal interacts with the environment, the postural reactions (head, body, limbs) and the gait, cranial nerves, proprioception, spinal reflexes, panniculus and perineal reflexes. When the examination is complete, all findings are taken into consideration and an accurate neuroanatomic diagnosis is established.

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