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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXII, Issue 2
Written by Iulian DUMITRESCU, Gabriel PREDOI, Cristian BELU, Bogdan GEORGESCU, Petronela ROȘU, Florina DUMITRESCU

Lately, experimental medicine used the ruminants as experimental animals. On the sheep were achieved even heart experimental surgery. However, the literature about the vascularization of the heart is not very numerous especially regarding large ruminants. This study was conducted to provide supplementary data for the literature. The study was carried out on a total of 12 specimens in which the hearts were dissected after insertion into the arteries of the contrast dye. It has been found that right coronary artery is smaller than the left. Subsinusal branch is given by left coronary artery, being an extension of the left circumflex branch in subsinusal groove. Right ventricular wall is crossed by 5-6 main collaterals of right coronary artery, some of their terminal branches showing anastomosis with corresponding branches of the paraconal branch of the left coronary artery. Right coronary artery is much better represented than the left. Its terminals have a size nearly equal.

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