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Published in Scientific Works. Series C. Veterinary Medicine, Vol. LXII, Issue 1
Written by Marian GHIȚĂ, George Florea TOBĂ, Gabriel COTOR, Leonard George TOBĂ

Our researches are aimed to determine the amplitude of the recorded electrocardiograph waves by means of three leads systems (two systems found in the scientific literature, and a leads system imagined by us), of a dairy cow. To this end, there were recorded electrocardiograms on group of 20 dairy cows and then the electrocardiograms were interpreted by calculating the amplitudes of the waves P and T and the total amplitude (summing the positive and negative for each branch in part) of the ventricular complex QRS, from the all three leads systems used. After interpreting the obtained results, we can conclude that neither of the leads system used in our study provides a complete electrocardiographic investigation. Thus, derivations Dubois may be recommended for recording ECG in D II (bipolar derivation II), D III (bipolar derivation III) and aVF (unipolar derivation, with electrode placed on the left hindlimb), while recording electrocardiogram in D I (bipolar derivation I), we recommend using limbs leads and leads system designed by us. Regarding recording of the electrocardiogram in aVR (unipolar derivation, with electrode placed on the right forelimb) and aVL (unipolar derivation, with electrode placed on the left forelimb) we appreciate that all three systems examined in our research can be successfully used.

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